Meeting the brand expectations for one of the growing aquafeeds products company


AQUA HERBS is a revolutionary and budding company in providing unique aquafeeds products

The client is a leading product provider and has the expertise of over two decades in the manufacturing and marketing of aquafeeds products. AQUA HERBS is a natural aquaculture feed additive specifically formulated to trim down the incidence of diseases and mortality - getting better on weight gains for shrimps.

Pixielit was asked to resolve a very intricate strategic challenge by developing a strong branding strategy, visual identity, logo design, and complete website branding while also assist in developing the AQUA HERBS on the whole market identity.

Client:Aqua Herbs
Year: 2019

Website Development

Logo Design

Branding Strategy

Visual Identity

Brand Style Guide

Packaging Design



Meeting unique conceptualization and match the product expectations was a challenging job to get implemented fruitfully

AQUA HERBS needed to take the successive steps as a business by implementing an exclusive branding strategy. They were building unique products and required an agency with high-end research & development team clubbed with the skill-sets of branding as well as visual identity. They wanted their brand to reflect their aptitude, uniqueness, and perfection in work.

A lively website branding and a rationalized logo design would allow them to exhibit their business more efficiently, and with superior visibility digitally, which was just narrow currently with some of the offline promotions. They wanted to produce a center of attention and gain bigger-size customers who could partner with them for facilitating their products.

AQUA HERBS wanted to stand apart from its current tactics, and this was the stage where Pixielit stepped in to lend a hand to the client.



From logo to website branding and collateral design, Pixielit began devising branding tactics to position AQUA HERBS in the market initiating with thorough research and development tactics

Pixielit got to work and designed a brand strategy that showcased AQUA HERBS products and high-quality work they do. Pixielit team started with comprehensive research and development activities and then moved forward with different design variations, which were not at all regular ones. Once the branding strategy was finalized, the Pixielit team worked on the website and collateral showcasing the client’s products and packaging designs.

The result is the digital transformation of the company with a new website, logo, packaging, brochure design, flyers, and stationery design.



In ten months, the project is seeing remarkable growth opportunities, with a boost up in conversion rate, and the brand is now ready for advanced level digital campaigns

The results are clearly seen with the boost in offline selling, the conversion rate has increased, and the business is now all set for digital campaigns and social media marketing activities.

Conceptualization and Anticipation MatchThe branding tactics that were planned got successfully implemented.

Boost in Sales and Business Development ActivitiesThere was an increase in average client conversion rates and offline selling.

Geared up for Superior Campaigns The company branding is now wholly geared up for further marketing campaigns.


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