The pioneer in the technology industry needed a strong presence in digital marketing, company branding, design, and UI/UX, and Pixielit came through with the best results.

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The Background

AtoZ INFOWAY is an indisputable leader in the IT industry, incorporated in the year 2000. The company pioneers in developing ground-breaking and client-oriented solutions and products. It prides itself on its high-quality and timely services.


Digital Transformation

AtoZ INFOWAY and Pixielit started with website and logo design projects. The client further wanted to launch their website, new logo, marketing collateral, and initiate social media strategies and post to enable their augmentation after the brand revamp tactics. The client's detailed requirement was something that facilitated a clear path for us to take them to business success.

Their requirements were straightforward yet challenging for us because of the requisite development demanded in-depth attention with intricate details. AtoZ INFOWAY wanted something to balance up as trendy, vibrant, and to be effortless with their loyal customers. Attractive website home page featuring full-size banners and design in all the pages made their website stand out from the completion.


Our Approach

We took care of every tiny requirement the client asked for. At Pixielit our teams tried to enable precise work as well as moved the extra mile to assure our client’s needs. Our different groups went forward to execute all the requirements right from the website to the collateral design and finally boosted the digital marketing campaigns keeping the core requirements in mind.


Social Media Designs

Social Media is a crucial and powerful tool when it comes to reaching out to diverse target audiences. From the client’s brief, the team at Pixielit made sure that they don't leave any stone unturned while researching market leader and competitor strategies with an aim to lead the market in the coming time. Pixielit planned and implemented its launch, further taking care of every social event to post related to the upcoming events.


Product Strategy

As AtoZ INFOWAY has a diverse range of technology products and solutions, Pixielit had to plan several ways users can explore them. This scenario started right from their positioning, filtering of enquires, and considering the target location of clients. All these tactics had to be cleared on the website so that users can effortlessly navigate and have an immense user experience.

“What we have created together is a brand level organisational change that will allow Delta Laminates to enter new markets globally with reliable, credible and trusted brand built around our customers.”

Delta Laminates

Chief Executive Officer

Supple User Interface (UI)

A large part of the interface was designed according to the technology solutions and products, empowering users to browse them swiftly. In full amount, the site featured multiple types of products and solutions with numerous filters to opt for on the website.






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We selected adaptable for their creative approach to our brief – which was all about creating a great experience for our various audiences – and the impressive work they put into the tender process. At Mayhew we recognise that digital is a force for good and our new website will play a key part in our new digital strategy. We hope the work that we are undertaking with adaptable will allow us to help even more animals and people in our community.

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Pankaj Patel

Website and Digital Officer

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