Renovated and revamped their website to stand strong in the digitized 21st century's market.

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The Background

JEKSON VISION is a global provider of vision inspection and track & trace solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. By innovating machine-vision for industrial automatic inspections and traceability, they offer our customers new solutions from our 20+ years experience.

Their key focus is on research, design, software development and engineering, providing high quality, reliable yet affordable solutions.

Clients Requirement

JEKSON VISION wanted a website to have the proper display speaking of their service and to maintain its digital as rock solid among many countries.

The digital road we paved

Their requirement was very clear about the website, they wanted their banner to play the major role, displaying the video series of their work-flow, with proper display of machinery and solutions, apart from website development we are handling their digital marketing as well, which gathered much traffic to them.

Building Better User Experience

From the initial stages of new user experience, it was clear that JEKSON’s Team need an simple and clean interface. This made us do what we really love to do.

Product - Focused

With products being an integral part of the website, we had to plan out multiple ways users can see their different products everything had to be clear and concise so users could see without any distractions.

“We are delighted to have collaborated with adaptable and we are thrilled with the result”

Caroline Yates

Chief Executive Officer

A Flexible User Interface

A large part of the components were focused around call to actions in key areas of the site, allowing users to quickly see and redirect to the information pages . In total, the site features many master components to give a consistent look and feel.





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We selected adaptable for their creative approach to our brief – which was all about creating a great experience for our various audiences – and the impressive work they put into the tender process. At Mayhew we recognise that digital is a force for good and our new website will play a key part in our new digital strategy. We hope the work that we are undertaking with adaptable will allow us to help even more animals and people in our community.

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Georgie Wishart

Website and Digital Officer

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