Meeting the brand expectations for one of the leading solar energy solutions company


PIXON ENERGY is a pioneering and maturing leader in providing Solar Energy Solutions.

The client is a leading solution provider of solar energy infrastructure like solar farms, solar rooftops, solar panels, solar water pumps, solar street lights as well as EPC solutions in Rajkot, Gujarat.

Pixielit was asked to resolve a very complicated strategic challenge by developing a strong branding strategy, visual identity and logo design, while also lend a hand in developing the PIXON ENERGY market identity.

Client:Pixon Energy
Year: 2019

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Pixon Energy
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Pixon Energy


Meeting high-end conceptualization and match the senior management expectations was a challenging task.

PIXON ENERGY needed to take the subsequent step as a brand. They were building high-end custom solar energy solutions and wanted their brand to reflect their competence and completed work. A dynamic branding and a modernized logo design would allow them to display their business more effectively, and with enhanced visibility online, which was just limited to offline promotions. They wanted to create a center of attention and gain new clients who could partner with them for enabling their solar solutions business.

PIXON ENERGY wanted to stand apart from different contenders in the same space. This stage is where Pixielit stepped in to assist the client.

Pixon Energy
Pixon Energy
Pixon Energy


From building logo to branding and collateral design, Pixielit began devising tactics to position PIXON ENERGY apart from the cluster of competitors and make it a market leader.

Pixielit got to work designing a brand strategy that represents PIXON ENERGY business, services, and the quality work they do. The client was entirely focused on the logo design and believed it as the face of their business. Both the client and Pixielit teams worked hard on the logo design to make it precise and perfect. Once the logo was finalized, the Pixielit team worked on the branding components and showcased the client’s services and processes.

To do this successfully, we collaborated with the client’s team and shared a fresh strategy with all the stakeholders.

Pixon Energy
Pixon Energy
Pixon Energy
Pixon Energy
Pixon Energy


In eight months, the project is seeing tremendous growth opportunities, with a boost in conversion rate, and the brand is now ready for superior level digital campaigns.

The results are clearly seen with online lead generation, the conversion rate has boosted, and the business is now ready for highly developed digital campaigns, including social media marketing and paid marketing.

High Conceptualization and Expectation Match :The stuff that was planned was successfully implemented.

Boost in Conversion Rate :Boost in average client conversion rate.

Increase in Sales Revenue :There was a 35 percent increase in business revenue.

Geared up for Advanced Digital Campaigns :The company branding is now entirely geared up digitally.

Pixon Energy
Pixon Energy
Pixon Energy

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