Bringing the change for the pioneer of the geospatial domain through IGiS.

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The Background

They are pioneering the nation’s geospatial domain through IGiS - an indigenous technology which brings GIS, Image Processing, Photogrammetry, and CAD together on the same platform. At SGL, they share more with you that the products we offer. Scanpoint also shares your drive to solve complex GIS problems, increase your yield and enable your next geospatial technology platform. Their deep understanding of Geospatial industry and the breadth of solutions they offer, make them uniquely qualified to cater client needs.

Clients Requirement

Scanpoint serves an Industry purely based on geomatics, the branch of science that deals with the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data relating to the earth's surface. Their concern and requirement were revolving around the concern how to be easily understood by the people. Having backed by ISRO's domain expertise, their aim was to push the forth the innovation and uplift the geospatial domain.

The digital road we paved

How dedicated they were to reach their customer, was the first thing to be taken care of, we decided to build a website purely pictorial/vector form, as picture explains a lot more. Though their major clients are the government sector, to back a company's website who have been accoladed by the government many times for their service and to bring the digital change was something to be taken care of.

Building Components

From the start of mapping out the new user experience, it was clear that Scanpoint would need an library of components. This would allow them to quickly & easily build out new templates across the site.

Product / Services Focused

With Products / Services being an part of the website, we had to plan out the multiple ways users can see the product and services pages everything had to be clear and concise so users could see without any distractions .

“We are delighted to have collaborated with adaptable and we are thrilled with the result”

Caroline Yates

Chief Executive Officer

A Flexible User Interface

A large part of the components were focused around call to actions in key areas of the site, allowing users to quickly see and redirect to the information pages. In total, the site features many master components to give a consistent look and feel.





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We selected adaptable for their creative approach to our brief – which was all about creating a great experience for our various audiences – and the impressive work they put into the tender process. At Mayhew we recognise that digital is a force for good and our new website will play a key part in our new digital strategy. We hope the work that we are undertaking with adaptable will allow us to help even more animals and people in our community.

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Georgie Wishart

Website and Digital Officer

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